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Zsolt Fenyő

President of a sports association

I work as an electrician and SMT programmer at Robert Bosch engineering and technology company. My self designed and made time tracker program is the RaceTime, which is perfectly able to track any kind of sport’s race time.
I started my sport carrier as an orienteer at my elementary school years. Then I played at the SBTC football team in Salgótarján. I was a football player for 20 years. Unfortunately, I had to skip 10 years because of my serious knee and ankle injuries. After the sort preparation I decided to try Spartan races.  Currently, our sports association participates in off-road RedBull and Spartan competitions.

We would like to motivate people and spread awareness of the joy and benefits of running and living a healthy lifestyle.
Running gives you a great sense of freedom and reduces stress and anxiety. Virtual World Running is a world wide running competition created for people with limited time or resources to phisically get to ordinary races and for those that prefer to run with their family members or friends in a less stressful and crowd free setting.
 Your registration fee will support your nominated organisation.
How does it actually work:
We have a new challenge each month. You need to register by filling out the online form.
After successful registration you will automatically be sent an email with details and information about the entry fee and your race number.
The chosen challenge will have to be completed within the advertised time scale.
Proof of completion is required by uploading a screen shot or JPEG file via the smartphone or smart watch app.
You will have a maximum of five days after the completion closes  to upload your results.
All submitted times then will be analysed by a team of specialists including a mathematician.
The reason for this is to ensure a completely accurate ranking. E.g. there is a significant difference between the amount of exertion needed to run the same distance on flat and mountain setting.
Once the results have been reviewed, your time will be added to the leader board.
At the end of the year a national and an international leaderboard will be created.
You will be supporting your nominated charity from your entry fee.
You can find a list of these organisations in the "Charities we are helping with our upcoming events" section on here.
There are different organizations to choose from in each country. You would normally nominate one from your country. But if you wish to support one from another country, that's not a problem either. In that case please put the name of the organisation in the "Others" box when you register.
Please let us know whether you would like to receive an actual medal through the post. If you decide not to get one, your charity will receive more money as we will also send them the amount the medal would have cost.
Of course you have the opportunity to support your charity even more. Bank details and information about this can be found in the "Charities we are helping with our upcoming events" section.